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I hear a lot of people saying “being black isn’t an excuse to be ableist” and none of these people noticing that she used her disability as an excuse to be racist.


I’m just… come on, people. Really. Just really? Did you read the link? Did you read what Soil wrote and RacismSchool’s response? Did you notice that RS expressed pain and hurt and was all like “that was messed up wtf” and showed her why? Without even bringing up anything even tangentially related to intelligence or anything like that?

Did you see the fucked up empathyless responses to that?

Anyone? Hi?

I’m pretty much always willing to side with Kinsey Hope

and with a group/individual that/who is oppressed,

most of all a group/individual that/who is oppressed by whiteness and by white supremacy.

Especially if they’re backed up by DTWPS, secret crush.



Just gonna leave this here.

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