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Dumb Things White People Say: mayoremanuel: racismschool: of-praxis: ok, this is over, not... →






ok, this is over, not responding to anymore reblogs or anon q. we can agree to disagree, whatever.

trayvon’s killer is still loose;

an autistic kid got triggered into self-harm and broke down mentally due to tumblr’s social justice crew.

make whatever you want of those two independent scenarios.

When I was six my teacher made me apologize to a white girl after SHE told ME she was “allergic to Black girls *achoo achoo giggle*”. Because she got really upset and cried after all my friends told her she was a mean person, I got in trouble. Because my mental health and self esteem didnt count.

All of you jumping to defend the white person and calling racismschool mean and terrible are my white racist teacher. And I hope you fall in a volcano.

That’s really the message of the day. Never mind that the interaction started with racismschool saying they couldn’t handle the request to be handheld. Nope, people still think Mammy lives here & they’re mad that we aren’t playing along.

I forget if I reblogged this earlier but if so I am rereblogging it.

(via racismschool)

I hear a lot of people saying “being black isn’t an excuse to be ableist” and none of these people noticing that she used her disability as an excuse to be racist.


I’m just… come on, people. Really. Just really? Did you read the link? Did you read what Soil wrote and RacismSchool’s response? Did you notice that RS expressed pain and hurt and was all like “that was messed up wtf” and showed her why? Without even bringing up anything even tangentially related to intelligence or anything like that?

Did you see the fucked up empathyless responses to that?

Anyone? Hi?

I’m pretty much always willing to side with Kinsey Hope

and with a group/individual that/who is oppressed,

most of all a group/individual that/who is oppressed by whiteness and by white supremacy.

Especially if they’re backed up by DTWPS, secret crush.



Just gonna leave this here.

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Even if you can put the first exchange down to “hurt feelings all around” or whatever, if you don’t see something obscene about a white woman chasing down the POC involved and not letting it drop, giving at least as good as she gets, and then claiming she needs to be protected from them… I don’t have any faith that talking to you will lead anywhere good. Ever.

Even taking the most stubbornly “neutral” reading of the situation and assuming everyone’s in the wrong… why is she the one who needs/deserves protecting? I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve consideration. I’m asking why gets most or even all of it.

People who suggest that her feelings don’t supersede others are accused of playing Oppression Olympics and are told they’re invalidating her triggers.

I’ll repeat: even just suggesting that other people’s triggers are equally valid is seen as invalidation of hers.

racismschool’s very first reply, the one that’s being used to frame them as the aggressors, ends with the declaration of “I can’t handle this today.”

Why is that less valid than soillfightinmycorner’s later declaration of the same?

It’s not because anybody necessarily ranks ableism as “higher” than racism. It’s because whiteness trumps all. White victimhood trumps all. A white woman screams and the knights mount up.

What I’m seeing on my dash right now is obscene, because this is the reason Trayvon Martin is dead. This is the reason George Zimmerman still has a shot at walking. His feeling that Trayvon Martin was a threat might be legally held to trump… reality. Facts. Trayvon Martin’s right to life.

Bold mine.


Where is the outcry of support for ME?

Hmm…I know who I can count on. I see who is “Protecting” her but not me. I see who holds one above the other. I SEE YOU.

alexandraerin, thank you for this.

I don’t plan on making a lot of comments on this; I don’t really want to get into it, though I will if dragged.  I planned to look at this objectively.

But this is the single most important post on this subject of the whole soillfight/racismschool disagreement, and it is my duty to make this seen.

This post explains everything rather eloquently.

Not that racismschool doesn’t explain things eloquently in their own way, but their eloquence is spread over many frustrating posts.  Frustrating in that they are dealing with frustrating issues.

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