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Dumb Things White People Say: mayoremanuel: racismschool: of-praxis: ok, this is over, not... →






ok, this is over, not responding to anymore reblogs or anon q. we can agree to disagree, whatever.

trayvon’s killer is still loose;

an autistic kid got triggered into self-harm and broke down mentally due to tumblr’s social justice crew.

make whatever you want of those two independent scenarios.

When I was six my teacher made me apologize to a white girl after SHE told ME she was “allergic to Black girls *achoo achoo giggle*”. Because she got really upset and cried after all my friends told her she was a mean person, I got in trouble. Because my mental health and self esteem didnt count.

All of you jumping to defend the white person and calling racismschool mean and terrible are my white racist teacher. And I hope you fall in a volcano.

That’s really the message of the day. Never mind that the interaction started with racismschool saying they couldn’t handle the request to be handheld. Nope, people still think Mammy lives here & they’re mad that we aren’t playing along.

I forget if I reblogged this earlier but if so I am rereblogging it.

(via racismschool)