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Why do radscums always lack reading comprehension/make shit up?




Gender expression and gender identity are two different things. I’m not sure why these silly fucks keep on talking about expression in their cissexist diatribes.

They keep talking about it because they have no understanding of gender.  They seem to think gender is ‘dress-up play’ even as they are just as certain it radiates magically from the genitals.


Consistency is hard for cis people.

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All of you do it.

Not one of you, even the people I am following (minus the trans folk, obviously) have avoided messing up on this. It is subtle, it is small and every time you do it you hammer the nails into our feet a little deeper.

Every time you equate penis with sexism, erasing those women and nonbinaries with penises.

Every time you equate childbirth with motherhood and women, erasing those men and nonbinaries who give birth

Every time you evoke vaginal wording to describe sisterhood or womanhood, whether it’s “cunt power”, “sisterhood of the clit” whatever, you stab every woman who has no vagina, no cunt, no clit, no vulva, no uterus, no nothing of that sort in the back and toss us out of the sisterhood that we have as much right to as you.

Every time you wonder if society got rid of social gender, would trans people stop existing, you walk on our faces.

Every time you say transwoman and transman, as though we’re not really women or men but a merged concept, you erase our genders.

Every time you sum up gender as a binary, or even just a spectrum between poles, you erase every single person with a gender that doesn’t fit that zone (and there are many)

Every time you say women and trans women or women, men and transgender, you tell us that our genders are not valid, not as real as yours.

Every time you do these things, you don’t see it. You’re feminists. You’re anarchists. You’re vegans. You’re anti racists and anti Islamophobia advocates. You’re advocates of birthing rights and socialists, anti capitalists, multiculturalists. You’re disability advocates and womanists. Fat positive, anti body policing, anti rape, social activists and writers. You’re friends and family, lovers and colleagues.

And you all do it. Every cis person I know.

Every. Last. One.


Even you.

You don’t see it. But we do. We feel the knife go in. We watch the painful hypocrisy of people who make it their career, their life’s work to fight privilege and make people see through its fog, to fight white supremacy, or sexism or ableism or fatphobia or millions of other horrific systems of supremacy and dominance and control exerted against people, exercising their cissupremacy, the boot firmly planted on our necks and they don’t even see it.

But we feel it.

Next time you talk about childbirth, remember not everyone who gives birth is a mother. Next time you talk about how many women are raped, remember that a significant group of those women, of us, don’t have vaginas. Next time you talk about sisterhood, try to remember that you have nonbinary siblings and brothers with the organs you use to label your sisterhood and sisters who lack them. Try to remember that penis is not the enemy because women have them too. Try to remember that theorizing about gender isn’t very helpful when you don’t know shit about the people who experience it most directly, most vividly, most painfully.

Try to remember to look past your cis privilege and maybe take that damn boot off our necks once in a while instead of looking into the distance and ignoring the choking.

Because I’d like to be able to breathe.

Just a bit.

Genderbitch’s beautiful words.

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I hear a lot of people saying “being black isn’t an excuse to be ableist” and none of these people noticing that she used her disability as an excuse to be racist.


I’m just… come on, people. Really. Just really? Did you read the link? Did you read what Soil wrote and RacismSchool’s response? Did you notice that RS expressed pain and hurt and was all like “that was messed up wtf” and showed her why? Without even bringing up anything even tangentially related to intelligence or anything like that?

Did you see the fucked up empathyless responses to that?

Anyone? Hi?

I’m pretty much always willing to side with Kinsey Hope

and with a group/individual that/who is oppressed,

most of all a group/individual that/who is oppressed by whiteness and by white supremacy.

Especially if they’re backed up by DTWPS, secret crush.



Just gonna leave this here.

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