i am paige connors and i live in rva.
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Sailor Moon was my favorite show as a kid. I collected stacks of Sailor Moon cards and owned the Moon Wand and Cyrstal Star Locket. So when Qpop asked for a contribution to their show, Magical Girl Heroines, Sailor Moon and Sailor Senshi, I said HECK YEA. Check it out on April 5th!

1 week ago

So, thinking about it

at first, when I was 6, obviously my favorite Sailor Scout was Sailor Moon.  Duh.

When I was 12 and really into astrology, I felt like Sailor Mercury was the way to go since we are both Virgos.  Although I did have this strange draw to Sailor Mars and to Sailor Saturn.

But nowadays, I feel that I neglected Sailor Uranus, who is mysterious, androgynous, and sexy.  Like, you can’t deny how sexy she is.  So I am currently drawn to her.

That is all.

3 years ago
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