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Man oh man oh man, we got some pictures back from the talented Vince of our Punk Sailor Moon group and I AM BEYOND PLEASED. I’ll have more pics to post but I wanted to get all the group ones in one post :D

Photo’s by Vince of Cospix.net

Sailor Moon is me Facebook Page 

Chibi Moon is toukofukawa/Facebook Page

Sailor Mercury is noshtsherlock/Facebook Page

Sailor Venus is its-electric-lady/Facebook Page

Sailor Mars is tenleid/Facebook Page

Sailor Jupiter is pokemonmasterkimba/Facebook Page

Sailor Saturn is Letho Cosplay

Sailor Uranus is marikathecat/Facebook Page

Sailor Neptune is shannuckles/Facebook Page

Sailor Pluto is slightly-bovverd/Facebook Page

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Sailor Moon was my favorite show as a kid. I collected stacks of Sailor Moon cards and owned the Moon Wand and Cyrstal Star Locket. So when Qpop asked for a contribution to their show, Magical Girl Heroines, Sailor Moon and Sailor Senshi, I said HECK YEA. Check it out on April 5th!