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Ok I see what you’re trying to get at here but this post is sloppy as fuck

Yeah, okay, sorry about that.  I was getting ready for work as I wrote this post and probably/definitely should’ve just saved it and waited but I was just so miffed; lemme try again.

I see/saw at the time that it’s super-uneven too and that I should’ve really put more into the why-trans-ethnic-is-invalid-as-an-identity and why-trans-ethnicity-is-appropriative-of-more-than-one-group.

And what I meant by “I don’t think that trans-ethnicity is even comparable to transgender-ness” is that I (and most people should) see transgender identities as valid and trans-ethnic identities as invalid and appropriative not only of whatever identity a trans-ethnic person is trying to claim, but also of transgender identities and especially of transgender terminology.  Trans-ethnicity is doubly problematic in that way.  That’s why I don’t see them as comparable, and I only say that and only attempt to distance the two because comparability is suggested by terminology.  I did an especially bad job of explaining all of that.

Furthermore, I’ll support the gender with which anyone identifies; I know that I and most people place at least some stock in gender and consequently in the gender binary.

On a different note, I didn’t consider at the time but now am “duh” ing that of course the mere scale of masculinity and femininity is not THE defining factor of the validity of transgender identities; in fact, many transgender folks identify outside of the binary and/or have a problem with the binary (for example Kate Bornstein who I even fucking referenced fuck).  I think that what I was trying to get at here is just that a gender binary exists and is strongly, even militantly enforced in this society.  And from there, despite white privilege, no racial binary exists—how could one?  And from there, because there is no scale on which to measure, for example, blackness (or really race in general) because there are so many examples of blackness and none of them fit on a scale, how can one identify as trans-ethnic without generalizing and stereotyping and therefore performing racism?  And how does someone who thinks they are performing race/ethnicity tell when they are delving into racial stereotypes?  I don’t believe that race can be performed, except in the form of white privilege.  All other aspects—the aspects in which trans-ethnic folks put the most stock—appear to be cultural/societal and then can be considered racism/cultural appropriation.