again to reiterate: anyone that calls themselves a feminist is a feminist (sometimes unfortunately)


such as the person i just reblogged that is anti-choice but it still a feminist

there are feminists out there that do not hold the life of women and folks with a uterus as important or priority over a fetus

this is the reality; and it’s shitty

focus less on “Ugh they’re not a feminist!” and just focus more on “Ugh why do shitty feminists exist” because that’s reality folks

there are feminists that are mansplaining misogynists, that are anti choice, that exclude trans*women, that are homophobic, that are racist, that don’t listen to women and disregard their wishes, that are rapists (hello Hugo Schwyzer!), etc etc.

it’s shitty and it sucks but that’s it (just call them phlegminists or something seems like a more appropriate term eh???)

I think calling them phlegminists would be appropriate.

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