so there’s a lot of beautiful Rosie the Riveters out there, and I’ve compiled a set of them, so we can appreciate them all together :)

ps I don’t know the artists or women depicted for most of these, so if you have info, let me know and I’ll add it!

  1. original print (J. Howard Miller)
  2. Sabina England (artist and portrayal)
  3. unknown
  4. Kelly Rowland (portrayal); Derek Blanks (photographer)
  5. Guatelmalan Woman of Quetzalteca Especial (artist: Mario Lanz)
  6. unknown
  7. Roshan the Riveter (artist: Omid Hast)
  8. Latina Rosie the Riveter (artist: my-little-native)
  9. Robert Valadez (artist)
  10. unknown

And of course, the original Rosie

(via fuckyeahethnicwomen)