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OK people its receipt time


There are many white people complaining about the publicity Trayvon Martin’s murder is getting… 

They like to say how “all the white on black crime” gets reported but the “black on white crimes” that happens in “over whelming amounts” never get media attention…

I’ve been seeing this case pop up repeatedly as an example of black on white hate crimes that never get mass media attention.

So here is your time to shine, I want proof that this crime was committed by black people. Because there are TOO MANY TIMES that black people are blamed for shit (attacks on white people) that we didn’t do. This kid didn’t even SEE HIS ATTACKERS, AND NO ONE SAW THE ATTACK ITSELF. 

So it is easy for you people to believe that this boy was attacked by black people and it is a hate crime…

but yall want receipts, and “the justice system to run its course” when zimmerman admitted to killing Tray and all the evidence that he is a bigot (coons anyone? reporting a 7 year old black boy as suspicious?!)

Do you white people remember the time that white woman Susan Smith blamed the disapperance of her children on a black hijacker? after a man hunt and every black man being deemed a suspect she admitted to killing her children by driving her car in a lake with them strapped in. 

(no apology to the black community btw)

or what about lovely lily white Bethany Storro who blamed her acid attack on a random black woman. she later admitted that she put the acid on her own face to “spread the word of God” or some crazy shit like that.

 (no apology to the black community btw)

how about Amanda Knox? the white girl who blamed her room mate’s murder on an innocent black man? she was later charged with the murder of her room mate and then that conviction was overturned.

 (no apology to the black community btw)

any one remember Charles Stuart? the white man that caused black men in Boston to be hunted down like animals by saying that one shot him and murdered his pregnant wife. he even picked a black man out of a line up. it was later revealed that he killed his own wife for insurance money.

 (no apology to the black community btw)

Who isBrian Wells? he was a white pizza delivery man who had a bomb wrapped around his neck and robbed a bank. he said black men had put the bomb on him. he later blew the fuck up. it was later found that he was involved in this scheme with his white friends.

(no apology to the black community btw)

oh lord there is more? how about dear miss Bonnie Sweeten… this white lady called 911 and said that two black men had car jacked and kidnapped her and her child. in reality, this bitch was at DISNEY FUCKING WORLD.

(no apology to the black community btw)

Ashley Todd? white girl and McCain volunteer in ‘08 who said she was attacked by a black male Obama supporter who carved a backwards “B” on her face because he saw a McCain sticker on her car. she even got McCain to call her foul ass up to check on her. of course her whole story was fabricated.

(no apology to the black community btw)

Robert Ralston was a cop who was shot and blamed a black man. this sparked a massive BLACK man hunt in Philly. mother fucker shot himself and had no reason as to why he did it or blamed a black person

(no apology to the black community btw)

Jesse Anderson was attacked while he was walking with his wife from a restaurant. his wife was stabbed about 37 times. he totally said two black man did it. he totally lied and killed her his damn self.

(no apology to the black community btw)

Ruby Bates and Victoria Price were the white women who said the Scottsboro boys raped them… do i really really need to continue?

These cases plus the ALL OF THE BLACK PEOPLE WHO DIED (whole towns included like rosewood and black wall street) OR WERE IMPRISONED UNDER FALSE ACCUSATIONS FROM WHITE PEOPLE  should be more than enough to proof that white people cannot be trusted when they accuse black people of shit. 

but regardless of a plethora of examples yall rally around “poor white victims of black violence” and demand receipts of our innocence rather than our guilt. 

FUCK YALL. When white people attack us and blame us for EVERYTHING UNDER THE FUCKING SUN it is never race related but anything we are accused of doing (not even proven) it is due to our race. 

so in conclusion


that this boy was attacked by black kids and of the “many” racially motivated attacks on white people by black people that go unpunished and unnoticed…

until then, ill wait

This.  All of this.  So fucking important.

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