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CAN Privilege Have a Negation Effect on Oppression Sometimes?







In SJ rhetoric, there is the clear idea that oppression in one area doesn’t negate privilege in another.

But I’m starting to think that is a case-by-case scenario.

Specifically, I’ve been thinking about white women vs black men.

What privileges do black men REALLY have over white women? They make less money and have less jobs than white women. A white woman who is the victim of a crime in which a black man is the perpetrator is more likely to receive not only justice, but much more justice than if it were anyone else. Accusations of crimes against white women have killed many black men.

We can say that “black men don’t have to worry about being harassed in the street”…but they do. By police. And unlike white women, they actually get shot and murdered and then get no justice.

A white woman who commits a crime against a black man is likely to never see a day in jail.

We can’t argue that black men see positive rhetoric about themselves too often, or that they’re made to feel good about themselves too often, either.

So what privileges do black men hold over white women? What real, tangible, effective privileges do they hold from their maleness? All of it is tempered by their blackness.

And this can’t be the only situation where this happens.

I think that in some cases? Privilege CAN negate oppression WRT to specific cases and groups.

I think this is pretty important.

Especially since I’m also guilty of saying privilege doesn’t negate oppression.

Yeah, it’s funny that you mention that because the other situation I was thinking of is about what advantages cis queer black people have over trans white people.

They receive more violence than trans white people.

They have literally nothing and shit for representation.

They’re more likely to be homeless than trans white people.

Their existences aren’t really validated, or respected, and again, they’re included in the group of people with less jobs and who make less money.

Because of that I’ve been even less tolerant of the fuck-ups I’ve been seeing from white trans people lately, the way they use the bodies of TPoC to act as if they’re really the ones in trouble…when they’re not.

I’d definitely agree that statistically black cis queer women of color experience more violence than white trans women.

I think as other people have pointed out it can be contextual in some instances, but I’d also agree that most oppressive factors white trans people have to deal with comes from oppressive cis white people and not PoC.

Or at least personally it’s been very rare where I’ve dealt with PoC being bigoted assholes due to me being trans. Whether or not that actually instills any institutionalized power though, I’d kinda doubt it. Maybe supports it I guess? But again stuff like this is rare at least from my own personal experience.

Right. Like damn near all the legal-based drama that trans people face is promoted and passed largely by white people. How many PoC are actually IN THERE with the institutional stuff?

Does siding with the privileged white rhetoric equal an actual power? I’m not so sure about that.

Yeah same. Like I think it can definitely add to feeling more like shit and an overall sense of oppression. Dealing with bigotry from anyone will do that to you.

But actual power? I’m kinda doubting.

Just passing through this important-as-fuck conversation.

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