i am paige connors and i live in rva.
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Call Me Out

Please feel free to call me the fuck out if I say/do something oppressive.  You don’t have to explain point-for-point; just quote me or give me an approximation of what I did (“that post you made earlier today about queer poc was fucked up” or “unfollowed because of this post a year ago [link to post a year ago]” or “FUCK YOU HOW DARE YOU SAY X” or something like that is sufficient—any tone is obviously justified in such a situation).  I will take it upon myself to figure out the exact logistics of my fuck-up and how to apologize for it, fix it, and make sure it never happens again.

This is one of the main reasons I always leave Anon on for my Ask Box.  (Also I like secret admirers.  That is reason #2 for Anon.)

Another reason I allow Anon asks is that I realize that you have no reason to trust that I will be rational and apologetic when I do step out of line.

Privileges that I always experience include:

  • white privilege
  • cis privilege (I am not trans*)
  • dyadic sex privilege (I am not intersex)
  • physically abled privilege
  • native English speaker privilege
  • USian/American privilege
  • not easily marked as another religion
  • vegan privilege (Because of my ability to ingest things like wheat and soy, I am physically able to be vegan.  I can also afford to be vegan—although it should be noted that I rarely have class privilege and am, in fact, extremely poor.)

Privileges that I sometimes experience, depending on the situation, include:

  • heterosexual privilege (passing as straight)
  • thin/size privilege
  • class privilege (in the minuscule context of my life, I most often do not experience this privilege)
  • social class privilege

Privileges that I do not ever experience:

  • male privilege
  • neurotypical privilege (I have been diagnosed with OCD, GAD, SAD, and major depression.  And narcolepsy.)
  • Christian privilege

Some other things worth noting:

  • I am vegan but utterly willing to check other vegans who won’t check their own privilege.
  • I have survived an emotionally and sexually abusive relationship.  It was extremely difficult for me to come to terms with this and classify it as rape.